COVID and OUT OF STATE TRAVEL - We are rapidly approaching the winter break. You are reminded that the State of Maine's Center for Disease Control has guidelines for out of state travelers. The rule is still in effect that if you or any members of your household are exposed to COVID 19, please do not send your child to school until you discuss the particulars of the situation with your school nurse. The nurse will determine when your child may safely return to school. If over the break you travel out of state, other than to Vermont or New Hampshire, your child must quarantine until the school receives a negative COVID-19 PCR test result. If you are unable to schedule a PCR test or choose not to have your student tested, they must quarantine for a total of 10 days from the day you return to Maine. This pandemic is not yet over and we all have a responsibility to keep each other safe. If you have any questions, please contact your school principal.
25 days ago, Dr. Laser, AOS 98 Superintendent
SNOW DAYS - All schools in the AOS will be "celebrating" future snow days the traditional way. If school is out because of a snowstorm or other bad weather event, we will not be offering remote learning. The expectation is that teachers and students will be spending the day shoveling and then going sledding. If we forced to close schools for an extended period of time, we will revisit this plan and might be required to shift to remote learning.
3 months ago, Dr. Laser, AOS 98 Superintendent
Southport Bus Schedule, 2020-2021 Driver: Mr. Matt Thibault Morning: Trip One - Leave SCS at 7:05am to pick up grades 7-12 only. Depart school, turning left on Route 27 to Newagen, then travel north on Route 238 to Cross Road. Turn right on Route 27, then travel on to Boothbay schools for drop-off at app. 7:25am. Trip Two - AT 7:30am leave Boothbay schools, traveling south on Route 27 on Southport, reaching Newagen at app. 7:50. Travel north on Route 238 to Cross Road, then back to Route 27, arriving at SCS at app. 8am. Afternoon: Depart SCS at 2:25, going south on Route 27, around the island to Route 238. Turn left onto Cross Road, then right onto Route 27, dropping off SCS students on the way. Continue on to the Boothbay schools for grades 7-12 pickup at app. 2:50pm. SCS students being transported to the YMCA arrive there at app. 2:50pm.
6 months ago, Lisa Clarke