Did you know that School Meals will continue to be available to ALL children at NO COST next year! This is fantastic news for all Maine families, saving them thousands of dollars on grocery bills!

*Meal Benefit Applications: It will be absolutely essential to have EVERY family complete a meal benefit application… EVEN THOUGH meals will be available at no charge. This will help us to ensure the longevity of this program through the years, and will help districts to continue to qualify for other important funding and grants unrelated to the school nutrition program. As always, applications are 100% confidential and can be filled out online for free, or on paper! Contact your School Office for more information!!! #SchoolMealsForAll #SchoolMeals4ME

Please make sure to fill out the lunch papers when we receive them regardless of having free lunches.

Here are some links to complete the school meals form: and are both places to go complete the form. And if you are a school nutrition director looking for support in getting the word out to your schools, please check this page: