Boothbay Region Schools Health Center

Dear Parents or Guardian,

The Boothbay Region School Health Center (SHC) and AOS 98 are pleased to offer quality health services to all K- 12 students and staff.  The School Health Center is located in Boothbay Region High School.  SHC staff also sees students from BRES, Edgecomb Eddy and Southport Central schools.

The SHC is like a doctor’s office at school.

Having medical and behavioral health care at school saves your child from missing time away from school.  Your child can get an appointment and be seen in school.  It also saves parent’s time away from work.

If you have a primary care doctor already, your child can still be seen at the SHC.  We will work with your child’s doctor.


If your child isn’t feeling well, first they see the AOS 98 School Nurse.  If the School Nurse decides it’s needed, she will contact the parent/guardian for permission to send your child to see the SHC staff.  Registration is required to be seen.  By filling out the attached forms and returning them to the school.  **Note:  Forms must be completed each year.

Payment Options/Fee for SHC Service.  (It is free to sign up.)

We will bill MaineCare or your private insurance provider for services provided. Co-pays are billed after the appointment.

If your student does not have health insurance, please feel free to call us at 633-1934 for help.

Forms are available here.... https://core-docs.s3.amazonaws...